1906 – The Milang factory, conducted by Mr. Pasche, was receiving good support, and he was now engaged in installing a Linde refrigerator in order to successfully cope with his increasing milk supplies. Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 – 1954), Saturday 8 December 1906, page 17

1919 -The Farmers’ Union has gradually extended its operations in various direction until it has become one of the largest business establishments of its kind in the State. The latest addition to the activities of the union has been made by the purchase of the business of Messrs. Murphy, Fromen  & Co., of Pirie Street, produce merchants, including the butter factories at Orroroo, Woodside, Milang, and Meadows and the cheese factory at Hindmarsh Island. Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 – 1931), Thursday 4 September 1919, page 6

Photo courtesy of Milang and District Historical Society


A very large number of residents of the Milang district and other towns attended a meeting in the Milang Institute Hall recently for the purpose of approaching the South Australian Farmers’ Union to manufacture cheese at their local factory. Mr. K. Turvey occupied the chair. Mr. T. G. Vaughton outlined the case for the dairymen and preliminary steps already taken. Mr. T. Yelland, a director of the South Australian Farmers’ Union said that the subject would receive full consideration when the necessary data had been presented to the company. Mr. A. A. Osborne, manager of the dairy produce department of the Farmers’ Union, gave a comprehensive address on the butter and cheese business. At the conclusion of the meeting a vote was taken which resulted in a majority for cheese manufacture. It was decided to canvas the district with a view to obtaining (the quantity of milk available for cheese, and the method of suitable transport to the factory. These facts’ will then, be submitted to the Farmers’ Union for consideration. Southern Argus (Port Elliot, SA : 1866 – 1954), Wednesday 13 August 1941, page 5