1894 -The Lakeside Butter Factory is busy with a large consignment of butter for the West. Some twelve hundred tins are being filled ready for shipment, and the ‘ put up’ of the article is all that can be desired: Thus in more ways than one the goldfields are proving helpful to South Australian industries.  Southern Argus 30th August 1894

1894 – We have now the pleasure to refer to another factory which is very rapidly pushing to the front— the Milang one, which is owned and run by Messrs. Buckland and Lipson, and which has recently opened auxiliary creameries at Queen’s Own Town and Meningie. The firm is composed of highly energetic men, and though they have been combined but a little time, they are leaving no stone un turned to make the Lakeside brand of butter bring a high price, and the milk suppliers support them extensively. Already their product brings a good price in the City and English market, and as the milk supplies, are so rapidly increasing that it is expected by the end of next month no less than 2,000 gallons per day will be treated, an idea may be formed of the prospects of the venture. We heartily wish the proprietors success— we know they’ll deserve it. Southern Argus (Port Elliot, SA : 1866 – 1954), Thursday 30 August 1894, page 2